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 Playing Online: Rules

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PostSubject: Playing Online: Rules   Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:34 am

Hello everyone, Lakota here with another important post!
Today, we are going to discuss playing online, with other players, the rules and expectations.

Follow the Town Rules

When visiting someones town, please respect their town rules. Ex: Don't run thru flowers, ask before taking any items

Respect the visitors
Don't expect the visitor to remember/know everything. Be kind to them, as they would probably do if you wentto their town.


This is really important. If you didn't tell the visitor your town rules and they ruin things, you're responsible for that. This also goes for if you don't know someone that well, and they come to your town and destroy things.

Thank you all for reading, please follow and take these rules into consideration!

Best Regards,
Lakota, Founder of AC:NL Stars
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Playing Online: Rules
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